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Denaturation of Albumin

APAG is designed to facilitate the heat induced aggregation of human serum albumin (HSA), particularly using the faction PPP (plasma poor in platelet). As results of temperature and time controlled heat induction, the protein aggregates became elongated oligomers with fibrillar-like features.


What is “ A.P.A.G.” Gel?
It is derived from a sample of peripheral blood from the same patient; Skin ulcers and wounds that do not heal can have a significant impact on quality of life. Denaturalized Albumin with: Platelets , Cells CD34+ – autologous healing agents that stimulate the natural auto-healing induced starting from the wound bed with slow “Biphasic” release – prolonged by growth factors.


Rotor Phase separator:

Bio-filler Treatment of the Apag

It is the only filler that is naturaland bio-compatible. We use the Medifuge blood phase separator and the  APAG denaturation devices.​

A.P.A.G. is the latest dermal filler, ideal for real natural augmentations and satisfies all requirements to modern injections. The only filler, which is a 100% endogenic and hence well tolerated by the body. Blood is closely monitored by the body’s system – no other substance can offer this benefit.

– Outstanding patients’ acceptance,
– Can be used for all facial areas,
– Viscosity of A.P.A.G. can be adjusted (greater flexibility for a more precise treatment)

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