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Blood Phase Separator


  • Controlled acceleration
  • Cycle Bleaching sterilizing= decontamination
  • Antistatic, anti-magnetic rotor
  • Self-ventilation to control
  • temperature
  • Deceleration control
  • Cooling
  • Temperature control
  • Self-decontamination
  • Rotor with the alternate and controlled speed with an acceleration always under RCF300


This whole new type of device is capable to extract approximately 2 times more active Growth Factors and 4 times more    CD34+ Stem Cells than any other centrifuges yet developed in both dental and medical industries.

Growth factors are proteins which regulate the complex processes of wound healing and enhance the body’s healing abilities without side-effects. The Medifuge prepares up to 8 test tubes of various levels of concentrate with active proteins in liquified or Fibrin form to create membranes, glue or other particulars for tissue regeneration and bone augmentation in a short period of 12 minutes.

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