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Crystal MESO

Cordless Multi Injector NBI-300

NOBAMEDI KOREA’s Crystal MESO Portable Injector introduces a new world for the dermatological specialists.

Gun Type Cordless Multi Injector

– Portable gun type with a light body allows better handling and easy use.
– Rechargeable cordless injector with C-type cable reduces physical demand on therapist.
– Power bank connected operation is also available when the battery is low.
– Compatible with NOBAMEDI KOREA’s 5-pin multi needle (for non-suction) and 9-pin multi needle (for suction).
– Single Pin needle, 5-Pin, 9-Pin & 16-Pin multi needles can be used.
– Accurate injection amount shown on the digital display helps with the even dispersion of solution on treated area

Where to use

  •  Dermatology
  • Plastic Surgery
  •  Aesthetic Clinic

Any kind of injectable solutions

  • Variety of Application
  • Skin Care (Face&Neck)
  • Petit Plastic Surgery
  • Scalp&Hair Care
  • Obesity Care
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