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MIX Nanotechnology

Smart and revolutionary innovative patent formula,

Acid protects varnish with Nano-Fluorapatite, NanoCalciumfluoride and soluble fluoride.
completely transparent protective coating combined with nanotechnology, endure on the teeth surface for approx. 6-12 months.

Silicone polymer:

–provides excellent adhesion to enamel and dentin–is transparent

– does not leave any stains, even on bleached teeth


– flows into and helps seal enamel micro-cracks

– penetrates into the dentin tubules closingthem eventually

NANO-calcium fluoride:

– behaves as a fluoride reserve driven by pH changes

–provides gradual and long-term fluoride release

Amine fluoride Olaflur:

–provides immediate fluoride ion release

–accelerates natural remineralisation

• Sensitivity of the tooth tissue for de-calcification
• Exposure of the tooth areas (age)
• Difficulties in personal hygiene
Dental treatments:
• Tooth whitening in office or at home
• Leaky tooth filling and prosthetic work


Inadequate diet
fluids and food that attack the enamel
high sugar consumption
Unsuitable hygiene
unsuitable or excessive brushing
non-compliance with medical instructions

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