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ObioWhite Strips

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% (equivalent to 19.8% carbamide peroxide)

A unique development of whitening strips, a novel bleaching system combining

Three types of polymers that are safe for oral use do not dissolve in saliva, allowing hermetic attachment to any tooth and a balanced spread of the bleaching material on any tooth surface.

Menthol for refreshing and coconut oil known for its anti-bacterial properties

These mint flavored whitening strips are safe on enamel.


  • A brief explanation of the patient
  • Simple and single-use
  • The adhesive strips adhere hermetically and precisely and precisely to the teeth
  • Saving time in a clinic chair
  • Thanks to ObioWhite Strips, the professional teeth whitening treatment in the clinic can be maintained and improved over time.


  • The kit contains 28 Strips (14 sets of 2)
  • Lay the adhesive strips on the gum line and fold the excess inward.
  • Long strap for upper teeth and short strap for lower teeth
  • Remove the whitening strips after 60 minutes.
  • Apply the strips once a day for 2 weeks.
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