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Cellulite Treatment

The synergistic and combined action of laser, cryo and rhythmic vacuum, stimulates the elimination of excess liquids and the toxic substances contained in them, making it particularly effective for combating panniculopathy in the early stages of evolution, when edema and water retention are present.
The low frequency 28 KHz ultrasound transforms electricity into cavitational waves. Inside the tissues, they cause the breakdown of the cell membrane of the adipocytes, inducing the release of lipids which will then be reabsorbed (lymphatic circulation) or eliminated (lymph nodes and digestive system).
Bipolar RF Shape
In Bipolar mode the current only flows into the tissue between the two electrodes on the tip of the applicator. The heating in this case only affects the superficial part of the tissue.
Skin Tite
The tissue area to be treated is sucked in and the electrode acts at the depth determined by its penetration characteristic. Monopolar radio frequency is emitted over the entire length of the electrode to induce stimulation of the deep dermis.
RF Shape
t uses monopolar radio frequency and can be combined with rhythmic suction. The electrical impulse is transmitted deep into the dermis thanks to the suction which allows a perfect coupling of the skin and electrode.
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