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Hair Removal

The only laser able to safely treat all skin types, even dark phototypes, from light hair with a very thin texture to darker hair, performing fast treatments with maximum comfort all year round, thus becoming the gold standard for hair removal.

Xlase Plus -IceSpeed 810nm and AlexPro 760/808nm

AlexPro, with 4000W of power, is a technology exclusive to Biotec Italia. It manages simultaneously the wavelengths 760 and 808nm, dosing them in the desired percentages depending on the phototype and characteristics of the hair. It combines all the characteristics of alexandrite with the advantages of diode.

Motion Speed 10.10.10
10 pulses per second. 10 milliseconds pulse duration. 10 joules per single pulse. This innovative therapeutic approach causes an increase in the temperature of the chromophore without the risk of side effects and in the absence of discomfort when compared to treatments with other lasers and pulsed lights.
The “Motion Speed” treatment mode allows the emission of energy by moving the applicator dynamically, covering a wide treatment area, increasing patient comfort and clinical outcome and drastically reducing treatment time.


Long Pulse
The long, single or train of impulses guarantees effectiveness even in cases of light and difficult to treat hairs.
The user-selectable long pulse mode ensures high fluency in cases when such performance is required. At the same time, the safety of the treatment is guaranteed by the cooling of the laser beam emission window.
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